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Fitness & Training

Whether you’re trying to become more active, getting back in to sport or simply trying out something new, this is the perfect place to start. Here at the gym studio you’ll receive a 1-1 training experience built around you, in your own private space where you can focus on your goals in a pressure free environment. 

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Weight Loss
Muscle strength
Sports performance
Event specific
General health
Corrective exercise

I’ll work with you to adopt healthy habits and maintain an active lifestyle that works for you without the need to use any restrictive dieting methods. We’ll work together closely to monitor your progress along the way with constant communication and my full support. With a full analysis of your dietary habits I’ll also be able to provide nutritional advice to facilitate your training and draw you that step closer to seeing results. Whatever your plans, whatever the goal, let’s get to exactly where we want to be. 


Training packages include: 

1-1 sessions in a private space

Personalised training plans

Nutrition tips & guidance

Home workouts

Recovery tips

Daily contact & support

Free consultations to monitor progress


Client transformations

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