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Injury Clinic

Kamyl Hammond

Sport & Exercise Therapist (BSc)

From semi professional athletes, to recreational athletes, teenage athletes, gym goers, the retired and the ones who prefer to do a little less, we’ve seen them all. Here at the clinic we’re experienced in working with individuals from all walks of life, guiding those with injuries to full function and return to physical activity. 


About Kamyl

Kamyl is a fully qualified sport and exercise therapist and has a background in working with semi professional and young athletes in sport. She is currently the sports therapist for a local football team and also runs sessions on strengthening and injury prevention with the U17 national netball squad. She currently practices at a private clinic where you can receive high quality standard injury assessment, rehabilitation and treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. 


Frequently works with: 


Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain

Lower back pain

Nerve pain

Ankle sprains


ACL pre & post operative

Rotator cuff injuries

Disc herniations 

Ligament sprains

Meniscal tears

Muscle Strains


Hip Pain

Neck stiffness

Labrum Tears


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